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  • Addextrawaistspace,thesewaistextenderscanaddextrawaistspaceinafewseconds.

  • Wehaveselectedthethreemostcommondenimshadesforourjeansbuttonextender,andyoucanchoosetheonethatmatchesyourdenimforarmor.

  • Thisbuttonextenderfortrousersissmallanddiscreetinnature.Theycaneasilybehiddenunderabeltorshirt,andnoonecanseethem.

  • Add extra waist space, these waist extenders can add extra waist space in a few seconds.
    We have selected the three most common denim shades for our jeans button extender, and you can choose the one that matches your denim for armor.
    This button extender for trousers is small and discreet in nature. They can easily be hidden under a belt or shirt, and no one can see them.

    Gender: WOMEN
    Material: Canvas
    Style: Fashion
    Pattern Type: Solid

    WESET 14PCS Jeans Button Metal Silicone Lengthened Buckle Without Nail Removable Adjustable Buckle