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  • 【ComfortableandSoft】Thickplushdesignisverywarm,comfortable,softandfluffy,comfortableandflexibletowear.Itwilleffectivelykeepchildren'searswarmincoldweatherandprovideacomfortableexperienceforchildren.Windproofandmoisture-proof,canpreventthehightemperatureinwinterandprotectyourears.

  • 【PlushDesign】Theearmuffsarefoldableandcanbequicklyfoldedintoasmallroundpavedshapeforeasycarryingandspacesavingforeasytoputinahandbagorpocket.Inthecoldwinter,youcanalsofeelthewarmthoftheear.Fashionandcutethat'simpossiblenottolove.

  • Anti-rabbitfur

  • Modern

  • 【ProductSize】About21*17cm/8.3*6.7inches;OneSizefitallages;verysuitableforautumnandwintertoprovidewarmthandcomfort.Veryconvenienttocarry,noneedtoworryaboutbeingcrushedortakinguptoomuchspace,compact,light,practicalandeasytocarry.

  • 【NoveltyGift】Cuteflashingcateardesign;perfectprotectionofearsfromwind,keepingearswarmeveninextremecoldweather.Thecartoonshinycatearsareverybeautifulandmodern.Thisisagoodgiftforfamilyandfriendsinwinter,andspendawarmwinterwithyourfamily.

  • 【Manyoccasions】Ourearmuffsareessentialaccessoriesforoutdoorwinteractivities:biking,skating,hiking,skiing,biking,motorcycle,hiking,hunting,shopping,traveling,etc.Thewaterproofandwindproofshellkeepsyouwarmanddry.

  • 4 Major Advantages:
    1. Cat ear decoration, fashionable and cute, youthful vitality
    2. Folding design, folding inward, convenient storage
    3. Wrap the earmuff rod, durable, soft and comfortable
    4. Strong warmth retention, warmth, wear-resistant and durable

    -Name: Cute cat ear earmuffs
    -Material: Anti-rabbit fur
    -Color: Bean Paste
    -Size: 21*17cm/ 8.3 * 6.7in
    -Weight: 82g
    -Quantity: 1pcs

    -Made of high-quality plush, soft and fluffy, comfortable and warm, flexible, suitable for various female head sizes.
    -The earmuffs are foldable and can be quickly folded into a small round pebble shape, which is convenient for transportation and saves space.
    -The foldable design makes it easy to store in a wallet or pocket. In winter, you can also feel the heat in your ears.
    -The part that wraps the ears can be removed and washed, the fluff is soft and does not hurt the skin, and it is soft and comfortable.
    -The earmuffs are soft and skin-friendly.

    Package Include:
    1× Cartoon Cat Ear Earmuffs

    The hair of the ear bag will be squashed in the package, and it will be fluffy after receiving it with a small comb.

    SRTYZ Cartoon Cat Ear Earmuffs Warm Winter Cold-Proof Plush Foldable Cat Shape Compact Soft Adjustable Wrap with Sequin Suitable for Women Girl Skiing and Cycling Bean Paste