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  • WaistTightener:Easilyfastenthebuttonsonclothingandwillnotbebotheredabouttheirfirmness.Usetheperfectfitbuttonswithoutanyconcerns!

  • ShirtCinchClip:Enoughquantityforyoutouse,replaceorsharewithyourfriendsandfamily,easilymeetyourdifferentneeds.

  • JeanClips:Theadjustablewaistbuttonsaresturdy,gooddecorative,durableandwearresistant,supportlongtermuse.

  • Detachable:Theremovablewaistbucklescanfityouwellindifferentofclothing.

  • WaistBuckle:Nosewing,toolsfree,astepsareneededtousethejeansbuttonforadjustingwaistlinesofclothes.

  • Description

    If you have a thin waist, you don' t need to buy a new belt. Use this button to tighten the waistband and fit perfectly, so you can wear it comfortably, you can change the buttons of any garment every day, the buttons of jeans can be removed at any time and put on another pair of pants, very simple and durable, with a good decorative effect.


    - Color: Assorted Color 1.
    - Material: Stainless steel, faux pearls
    - Size S: 1. 06X0. 63X0. 39 in/ 2. 70X1. 60X1. 00cm.
    - Size L: 1. 26X0. 71X0. 39 in/ 3. 20X1. 80X1. 00cm.

    Package Including
    6 x Sets of Waist Buckles

    SOIMISS 6 Sets Waist Buckle Adjustable Pant Waist Tightener Waist Extender Button Jean Clips Pearl Decoration