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  • [PerfectReplacement]Madewithexquisitecraftsmanship,itcanperfectlyreplaceoldordamagedbeltbuckles.

  • [DoubleNeedleBuckle]Classicblackingholebucklewithdoubleneedlebuckle.Multipleinstallations,suitableforreplacement.

  • [CorrosionResistance]Thebeltbuckleismadeofalloymaterial,whichisenvironmentallyfriendly,nontoxic,corrosionresistantanddurable.

  • [ScopeofApplication]Canbeusedtocreateanewfashionappearance,verysuitableforbelts,belts,dresspants.

  • [Fashion]Durablestitchescanwithstandeverything,notonlydurable,butalsostylish.Theyprovidereliablestrengthwithoutaddingbulkorexcessweighttoyourbelt.

  • Feature:
    1. [Corrosion Resistance] The belt buckle is made of alloy material, which is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, corrosion resistant and durable.
    2. [Double Needle Buckle] Classic blacking hole buckle with double needle buckle. Multiple installations, suitable for replacement.
    3. [Fashion] Durable stitches can withstand everything, not only durable, but also stylish. They provide reliable strength without adding bulk or excess weight to your belt.
    4. [Scope of Application] Can be used to create a new fashion appearance, very suitable for belts, belts, dress pants.
    5. [Perfect Replacement] Made with exquisite craftsmanship, it can perfectly replace old or damaged belt buckles.


    Item Type: Brass Buckle
    Material: Alloy
    Function: DIY Accessories
    Product Specifications: 10PCS/Pack

    Package List:
    10 xBrass Buckle (1 Pack)

    Single Prong Buckle Double Needle Buckle Environmental Friendly Nontoxic Belt Buckle for Overalls for Belts for Man for Women for Dress Pants