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  • WATERREPELLENT-outerfabricprovidesanadditionallayerofprotection

  • Enhancedcontrol-Magneticfoldbackmittenandthumb

  • 100%OtherFabric

  • WindproofColdWeatherConvertible

  • 12100071001

  • Insulated-PrimaloftGoldinsulationprovidesexcellentthermalprotectionandbreathability

  • Gripandcontrol-Goatskinleatherpalmprovidesanaturalfeel,excellentdurabilityandcontrol

  • Comfort-Coolmaxlinerkeepsskindry,warmandcomfortable

  • The Sealskinz Mens Windproof Cold Weather Convertible Mitt is a convertible glove perfect for fishing, hunting and outdoor photography. Primaloft Gold insulation is a lightweight synthetic insulation that provides excellent warmth without the weight, ensuring heat is retained efficiently without adding excess bulk. The insulation is water resistant, breathable and highly compressible, meaning it can be packed down small and is able to perform even in wet conditions. It is convertible to a fingerless mitt with the addition of magnets for a secure hold and quick and easy access when needed giving you a wide range of movement. It is extremely breathable without any loss of heat creating a glove which is practical and comfortable so you can concentrate on whatever activity you are doing.

    Sealskinz Mens Windproof Cold Weather Convertible Mitt