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  • WHILESOMEOTHERWOODSUNGLASSESbrandscanfeelandlookcheap,haveplastichinges,pinchbehindtheears,orsimplybreakafteronlyafewuses,GOWOOD'sspecialroundwoodensunglassesaredesignedtoeliminatealltheseproblems.Thewoodtemplesfoldperfectlyovereachotherbothways,theearpiecesareroundedanddonotpinchandthehingesaremadeofmetalandareoutwardflexible.Thismeansthesunglassesfeelsolid,lastlongerandaremorecomfortable.

  • FULLPROTECTIONAGAINSTTHESUN-Nomoresquintingyoureyes,becausetheseGOWOODsunglassesareequippedwithblackpolarizedthermalcuredultra-clearTACplasticlenses,whichprovideasharpundistortedvision.ThelensesareCEcertifiedcategory3andFDAapproved,whichmeanstheyare100%UVblockingandareaccidentalimpactresistant.Theyarefurtherequippedwithananti-reflectivecoating.

  • Modern

  • GW-OP-B2-G

  • HOPONTHETRENDandlookatyourbestwiththesespecialone-piece-lensstylebamboowoodroundsunglasses.Woodensunglasseshavebeenhotforsometimenow,butthisstylesetsitselfapartwithitsultra-moderndesign,combinedwiththebeautifulandecologicalbamboowood.Eachpairhasitsownuniquewoodgrain.Youwilllookatyourabsolutebestwiththispair.

  • SUNGLASSESAREAFASHIONSTATEMENT-Webelievethatwhetheryouareanoutdoorloverorhaveabusyjob(orboth),yoursunglassesshouldprotectyoureyesandcomplimentyourstyleatthesametime.Youcancountonthesespecialultra-stylishGOWOODpolarisedroundone-piece-lensstylesunglassestodoexactlythat.

  • WEARETHEREFOROURCUSTOMERS–Inbusinesssince2014GOWOODstandsforquality,trustandreliability.Youcanexpectexceptionalcustomerservice.BuyfromGOWOOD,youwillnotregretit.

  • These wood classic round style sunglasses are not only beautiful, but also very unique. The wooden temples have unique wood grains for each pair. And while wood sunglasses have been popular for some time now, this style with a very special one piece style polarized grey and reflective lenses is going to blow you away.As you are used to from GoWood, the round wood sunglasses for men and women will satisfy all your needs and expectations:- You will be looking at your best with this super hot style- Each pair is delivered inside a beautiful bamboo wood box for protection- Every pair comes with an ultra soft microfiber pouch. Not a thin low quality cloth, but in fact a thick high quality pouch.- The lenses are UV400 protective nd polarized. We are the only ones offering this one-piece style lens polarized. Safety is important, protect your eyes, you only have two!- 30 day 100% money back . Don't like 'em? Return them for a full refund. We happily take away all risk for you.- Size 48-15-146Be careful with your precious eyes. You only have two. Once damaged, it's in almost all cases permanently. Don't cheap out on sunglasses that can really hurt your eyes. Our sunglasses are fullfilled by . Prime members get shipping, non-prime members will get quick delivery from an warehouse nearby. We provide excellent service: for any questions, or issues, simply contact us for fast and courteous after sale care. Save money by making use of our launch promo.

    Round Wood Sunglasses For Women and Men with Special One Piece Polarized Lens