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  • Premiumquality,BestFriends,DogLeatherGlassesCase.

  • LargesectiontostoreGlasses.

  • LeatherUpper,CottonInner.

  • FrontcompartmentforGlassescloth.

  • PackagedinaMalaLeatherdustbag.*Dogsmayvaryinbreed,cannotbeguaranteedtobethesameastheimage.

  • Designed,storedandshippedintheUK.

  • The cutest collection known to Mala – the Best Friends collection! A variety of fun coin purses, purses, glasses cases and handbags encorporating our everyday best friends – animals. Ranging from cats to horses, there is something for all animal lovers. Stitched animals on the front and back of premium quality leather products adding a fun and quirky look to your handbag. Who do we rely on – our Best Friends! Love Leather, Love Mala Leather…

    Mala Leather Best Friends Sitting Dogs Glasses Case 5156-65