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  • Premiumquality,Angus,LeatherGlassesCase.

  • LargesectiontostoreGlasses.

  • 100%LeatherOuterWithWoolMixMotif

  • FrontcompartmentforGlassescloth.

  • *PatternandprintofthewoolHighlandCowmayvary&cannotbeguaranteedtobethesameastheimage.

  • Designed,storedandshippedintheUK&PackagedinaMalaLeatherDustBag.

  • Angus the Highland Cow. A new take on the Highland Cow being created in a mixed Wool. With 5 products within the collection there is something for both men and women, for yourself or as a gift, each piece (excluding the glasses case) is installed with RFID protection. The wool used to create the highland cow will vary and may not be the same as pictured.

    Mala Leather Angus The Cow Glasses Case 5164-46