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  • Size:headbandfacewidth:3.2inches(8cm),innertoothwidth:1.1inches(2.8cm)

  • Material:cloth,plastic.

  • Theheadbandhasashapedmeshsurfacethatiscomfortabletowearandisnoteasilydeformed.Therearenon-slipteethinsideanditwon'tslipafteralongday.

  • Suitablefordailywear,facewashing,smearmasksandcosmetics,clothingaccessoriesorspecialimportantoccasions.

  • 4pieces,availableinavarietyofcolors.Recommendedage:7yearsoldorolder

  • Product specifications:
    Quantity: 4 pieces
    Do you need a headband that doesn't hurt your head at all?
    Now you can have them.
    Real comfort, lightweight headband, even if you wear it all day, there is no headache at all.
    The stylish padded design can be used to modify your face and can be worn on any occasion.
    High-quality material make it breathable, moisture wicking, fast dry, soft. When you are in the sport you will feel more comfortable.
    Women fashion headbands stylish and simple style suitable for most girls and women.
    Suitable for lots of party ,prom, sports, Yoga, mountain climbing, running, walking, tennis, etc.

    LONEEDY 4 Pack Wide Hard Headband with Teeth for Women Girls’s Hair Band Pleated Cloth Fabric Hair Hoop Accessories Mixed colors C