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  • Thewinterrunningglovesareverysuitableforcycling,driving,running,camping,hiking,mountainclimbing,andotheroutdooractivities.Wintercyclingglovesarealsoagoodgiftforyourself,yourfamily,andfriends.

  • Suitablefordailycasualwear,dogwalking,traveling,camping,biking,running,jogging,skiingandotherwinteroutdooractivities.

  • Touchscreendesign,sensitivetouch,easytoplaywithelectronicproducts.

  • Theinnerbrushedfleecekeepswarm,andthefluffissofterandmorewarm.Thegloveshavefineworkmanshipandcleartexture.

  • Thenon-slipdesignmakesthegripmoresensitiveanddurable.

  • These snow gloves are innovative, practical and simple. Unisex, available in four sizes. Perfect for cycling, hiking, driving, running, climbing, gym workout in spring, fall and early winter.
    Name: Gloves, Hats and Scarves Set
    Material: knitted
    Size: One size
    Number of pieces: 3 pieces
    They provide warmth and protection for shorter periods of time outdoors and offer dexterity.

    KYAM Cold weather gloves Hat Scarf And Glove Set Women Winter Hats 3 Piece Neck Warmer And Touchscreen Gloves For Women Hiking gloves Color : Blue2 Size : One size