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  • Theseglovesareavailablein2patterns,and5differentcolourseach.Theyalsocomeintwosizes,toensureyouhavethebestfit.

  • HeatHoldersYarn-Highperformanceinsulationagainstcoldwithsuperiormoisturewickingabilities.

  • Fastening:PullOn

  • FleeceLined-Theyarelinedwithafabulousfur-likeplushinsulatinglining,whichisevenmoreeffectiveatholdingwarmairinclosetotheskin.

  • Patterned-Thegloves'comeineitherstripesorfairislepatterns,makingthemsuitableforanyoutfitchoice.

  • ElasticatedWrist-Theyalsohaveanelasticatedwrist,tokeepthewarmairtrappedinsidetheglove.

  • Heat Holders Patterned Gloves

    These ladies Heat Holders Patterned Gloves have you covered in the winter months, being super warm as well as stylish. They are lined with a fabulous fur-like plush insulating lining, called Heatweaver, that is even more effective at holding warm air in close to the skin.

    This silky, soft lining doesn't just feel luxurious, it also assures you of cosy fingers in the harsh winter. The gloves' come in either stripes or fair isle patterns, making them suitable for any outfit choice. They also have an elasticated wrist, to keep the warm air trapped inside the glove.

    These gloves are available in 2 patterns, and 5 different colours each. They also come in two sizes, to ensure you have the best fit.

    Product Details

    - 1 pair
    - 2 sizes
    - 2 patterns / 5 colours
    - Heatweaver lining
    - Heat Holders Yarn
    - Elasticated Wrist
    - Lining: 100% Polyester

    Material Composition (Outer)

    Trondheim - 77% Acrylic, 22% Polyester, 1% Elastane
    Oslo - Black + Cream - 86% Acrylic, 13% Polyester, 1% Elastane
    Oslo - Purple - 94% Acrylic, 5% Polyester, 1% Elastane
    Oslo - Rose - 56% Acrylic, 43% Polyester, 1% Elastane

    Heat Holders Ladies Cute Striped Fairisle Warm Knitted Fleece Lined Winter Thermal Gloves M L Cream Trondheim