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  • 【BaseDetail】Itcontains1glassescaseand1glassesclot,thelargecapacitysizeis16x6x3cm/6.3x2.4x1.2inches(LWH),theinnersoftcleaningclothiswellmade,whichcankeepyoureyeglassescleanandtidy.

  • 【SimpleDesigh】Simpledesignwith2colour,thisglassescaseisdesignedwithspringswitch,theshapeofthecaselookselegantandconcisewhenyouuseit,alsoYoucangiveitasagift.

  • Linen

  • 【HighMaterial】Thesurfaceislinenfabric,theliningissponge,theskeletonisstainlesssteel,theInteriorisvelvet.WEDyedandweavedcolorwithlinenonthecase,Non-toxicandtasteless.

  • 【Durable&Ligtht】Thecaseissturdyanddurableenoughforgoodprotectionandlongtimeusing,theboxislightenoughthatyoucanputitinyourlovebaganytime,anywhere,andit'seasytocarry.

  • 【ProtectiveFunction】Ifyouusethisglassescase,youcanavoidscratchesanddamagetoyourglasses.Theglassescasehasasturdymetalskeletonthatwillprotectyourglasseswellduringextrusion.

  • Lovely Colors This cute purple is easy to match many things.The vivid color makes product cute,You can choose it for your style.Lovely products will give you a good mood for a day.

    Well Protect
    The sturdy eyeglass case is made of metal material and linen. It can easily avoid the cracking of the glasses caused by the strong external force. The inside of the case has a soft protective layer to prevent the glasses from being scratched and Dirty.The sturdy hard case material can be used for a long time, protecting your glasses for a long time.

    Powerful Bite Force
    This glasses case is designed with a spring switch, and the strong elasticity makes the glasses case interface tight. Effectively prevent the frame from falling out of the box, or entering the foreign object.

    Various Storage
    The case can be used to store myopia eyeglasses, computer eyeglasses,sunglasses,reading glasses, jewelry or as a stationery box.

    Gotya Glasses Eyeglasses Cases Linen Surface Protect Reading Glasses Sunglasses Shortsight Glasses from Scratching Simple Durable