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  • PREMIUMWARM:verycomfortablewarmfleecematerial,withearfullcoveredtokeepthecoldairoutofyourears.whetheryou'reworkingoutorhangingout,you'lllovethewarmthandperformancestretchofthisfleeceheadband.

  • STRETCHTOSIZES:thisheadbandsisstretchyonalllinesidestofitawiderrangeofheadsizes,suitableheadcircumferenceis22"formostadult,menandwomen,withorwithouthelmetsorhats.

  • COZY&NON-BULKY:theheadsweatbandisverysoft,stretchbutnotbulkyandlosingshape,willjuststayputwhenyouarerunning.

  • WASHABLE&DURABLE:thisearmuffiswashable,verynicelymade,noextrastringsorunsewnpieces,durableforyears.

  • FITFOR:thisheadwearisgoodforrunning,cycling,jogging,casualwalkanddifferentoutdooractivitiesincoldweather.

  • Fleece Winter Ear Warmer Headband

    Warm fleece material
    Washable and durable
    Cozy and non-bulky

    PREMIUM WARM: very comfortable warm fleece material, with ear full covered to keep the cold air out of your ears. whether you're working out or hanging out, you'll love the warmth and performance stretch of this fleece headband.
    STRETCH TO SIZES: this headbands is stretchy on all line sides to fit a wider range of head sizes, suitable head circumference is 22" for most adult, men and women, with or without helmets or hats.
    COZY & NON-BULKY: the head sweat band is very soft, stretch but not bulky and losing shape, will just stay put when you are running.
    WASHABLE & DURABLE: this earmuff is washable, very nicely made, no extra strings or unsewn pieces, durable for years.
    FIT FOR: this headwear is good for running, cycling, jogging, casual walk and different outdoor activities in cold weather.

    Geminimall Winter Headband Ear Warmer Lightweight Made of Warm Cozy Fleece Material with Full Cover Ear Muffs for Sports Outdoors