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  • Flammi Women's Cable Knit Hand Cover Arm Warmers.
    Fit up arm and keep them warm for cool autumn or chilly morning. Matches well with your winter outfits, like sweaters, coat, hoodies, jacket

    Fingerless and Thumbhole Design.
    There aren't finger separations except for the thumb, the fingers don't have to go through individual slots like most gloves so these are easier to put on. These allow you to use a keyboard and mouse while keeping your hands warm
    Fingerless gloves, great for office workers and outdoor enthusiasts, convenient for typing, photographing

    Material: 100 % acrylic
    Package: 1 Pair
    Hand wash separately, hang dry

    Flammi Women's Cable Knit Arm Warmers Fingerless Gloves Thumb Hole Gloves Mittens