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  • AntiBlueLightEffect:ThiscomputergamingglassesisdesignedtoprotectoureyesfromharmfulradiationfromComputer,Mobile,Tablet,TV,withBlueLightBlockingAntiRadiationAnti-ReflectiveAnti-GlareAnti-Fatiguelens.

  • AntiEyeStrain:Preventdigitaleyestrainandheadachesforlongtimeworking,reduceeyefatigue,andenjoyarestfulsoundsleep.

  • UnisexDesigner:Classicretrovintageinspiredglassesframebothformensandwomens,suitableforteenagers,students,drivers,gamers,middle-agedandelderly.5colorsareavailable(BrightBlack/MattBlack/BlackRed/Blue/Purple).

  • Lightweight(14g):TR90bendabletoughlightweightframe,youcanhardlyfeelthemsinceframeisonly14g,lightweightprovidealldaycomfort.

  • ReplaceableNon-prescriptionTransparentLens:Glassesframedesignedwithscratch-resistantclearlenses,thiseyewearcanbeusedasafashiondecorationaccessory.

  • Are you working with computer for a long time everyday?
    Are your eyes tired with computer?
    Are you headaches with computer?
    It is because these disitals screen have much harmful blue light and radiation.

    Nowadays, we spend more and more time with Computer, Mobile, Tablet and other digitals.
    It is time to protect and relax our eyes!

    Features of Anti Blue Light Glasses:

    Blue light blocking glasses help block 90% of high energy blue light to provide maximum protection and let through 70% of low energy blue light for minimal color distortion.They definitely meet your daily use and provide all-day protection.

    Convenient Eyewear: This Blue light eyeglasses sits intact over your eyes without any form of inconvenience, you can wear it comfortably even on bed and enjoying your device.

    Elegance: This pair of eyeglasses gives you a perfect classy fit, thanks to its trendy and fashionable design as well as the aesthetic appeal.

    Super Light (14g): Glasses Frame made of lightweight TR90 bendable tough design, net weight is only 14g.

    Blue Light Blocking
    Anti Radiation
    Blocking Headaches Eye Strain

    Dimension of Glasses:
    Lens width: 54mm
    Lens height: 40mm
    Bridge width: 16mm
    Frame width: 143mm
    Arm length: 145mm
    General size for unisex adults.

    Package Include:
    Glasses Blue Light Blocker *1
    Black Glasses Case *1
    Glasses Clean Cloth *1

    Computer Glasses Blue Light Blocking Anti Glare Fatigue Lightweight 14g TR90 Frame Unbreakable Lens Transparent Blocking Headaches Eye Strain