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  • Especiallybreathableandwarmmicrofleecemakesthemasktheperfectheadpieceoncolddays

  • Ahigh-qualitymultifunctionalbalaclava,itiswindproofandwaterproofandfitsunderanyhelmetthankstoflatseams

  • ThewaistbandissewnwithLycramaterial,whichiswhythemaskadaptsbettertothefaceandoffersmorecomfortandareflectivelogoforimprovedvisibility

  • TheTempestSeriesisdesignedfortemperaturesbetween-10°Cand+5°C.

  • AvailableinsizesJNRforchildren,aswellasS/MandL/XLforadults

  • CTR TEMPEST SERIES - Warm, lightweight, particularly stretchy Microflex is a very strong material in this collection. Warm, comfortable, stretchy and functional properties complement the program. The Tempest Series is designed for temperatures between -10°C and +5°C. Tempest Balaclava The Tempest balaclava is a high-quality multifunctional balaclava. It is wind and waterproof and fits under any helmet thanks to flat seams. The waistband is sewn with Lycra material, which is why the mask adapts better to the face and offers more comfort. The highly breathable and warm micro fleece makes the mask the perfect headwear for sports on cold days. Whether jogging, cycling or hiking and skiing in the mountains. On the front there is a reflective logo. So you can be seen better at night and is safer on the go. The Tempest balaclava is available in sizes JNR for children, as well as S/M and L/XL for adults.

    Chaos Unisex_Adult Funktionsmaske Tempest Balaclava Functional mask