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  • CatEarsDesignEarmuffsEarWarmerWinterPlushEarCoversHeadwearWinterAccessoryforGirlLadyKeepWarm

  • Theearwarmerisspeciallydesignedtogiveyouastyleandmeanwhilekeepyourearsinwarmth.

  • Itcancoveryourearscompletelyandisverysuitableforwearinginwinter.

  • Youlllovethisandplushearcoverswithitspremiumtextureandextremelyadorabledesign.

  • Inaddition,wewillalsoprovideyouwithagoodcustomerservice,ifyouhaveanyquestions,wewillansweryouintime.

  • Description
    In addition, we will also provide you with a good customer service, if you have any questions, we will answer you in time.


    - Color: Pink Color.
    - Material: Plush Material.
    - Size: 22x18x3cm.
    - Cat Ears Design Earmuffs Ear Warmer Winter Plush Ear Covers Headwear Winter Accessory for Girl Lady Keep Warm

    Package Including
    1 x Cat Ears Design Earmuffs

    Amosfun Winter Earmuffs Plush Cute Cat Ear Warmers Cover Headband for Women Men Outdoor Sports Cold Weather Pink