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  • Packagecontent:6piecesofeyeglasschains,2pairsofanti-skidearhooksand2pairsofanti-skidbuckles,thecombinationcanpreventunwantedfallofyourglassesthustoprotectthemfromgettingdamagedoraccidentalloss

  • Materialdetails:thechainismadeofalloyandrhinestone,lightweightanddurableenough,thehookismadeofhighqualitymetalandsilicone,easytoinstallandremove,forconvenienttouse

  • Variousstyles:theseeyeglasschainsfeatureindifferentsmallitemsattached,likepearl,rhinestone,smallmetalbeads,beautifulindesign,canmatchwithmostofyourglasseseasily

  • Size:thelengthofeachbeadedeyeglassstrapis26inches,bothendshaveadjustableholderloopswithmetalcoil,canbeslippedonandoffeasilytofixyoureyeglasses,sothattheycanmakeiteasytoattachtoyourglasseseasily

  • Wideapplications:suitableforsunglasses,readingglasses,safetyglassesandsoon;Notonlycantheybeaeyeglasschain,butalsoaexquisitedecorativenecklacechain,youcanremovesilicagelendstouseitasastylishnecklace

  • Features:

    Material details:
    The chain is made of alloy and rhinestone, lightweight and durable enough, the holder is made of high quality metal and silicone, easy to install and remove, for convenient to use.

    The length of each beaded eyeglass strap is 26 inches, both ends have adjustable holder loops with metal coil, can be slipped on and off easily to fix your eyeglasses, so that they can make it easy to attach to your glasses easily.

    Wide applications:
    Suitable for sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses and so on. Not only can they be a eyeglass chain, but also a exquisite decorative necklace chain, you can remove silica gel ends to use it as a stylish necklace.

    Material: alloy and silicone
    Color: as the picture shown
    Size: approx. 26 inches in length

    Package includes:
    6 x Eyeglass chains
    2 Pairs of anti-skid ear hooks
    2 Pairs of anti-skid buckles

    Glasses are not included in the package.
    Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

    6 Pieces Eyeglass Chains Elegant Eyewear Retainer Beaded Eyeglass Strap Holder