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  • PackageContent:thereare4blackplasticheadbands,thesizeis13x14cm/5.1x5.5inches,andthethicknessis0.8cm/0.31inches

  • Material:Theblackhairbandsismadeofdurableplastic,softanddurable,itcanbeworncomfortablyforalongtime,itisnoteasytobreak,thesurfaceissmoothandtasteless,anditiselastic.Itissuitableformosthairstylesandheadshapes.

  • Anti-slipDesign:Multipleteethcanholdyourhairtightlywithoutslipping.Thesesoft-touchheadbandswithinternalteethareverythin,only0.8cmwide,andcomfortablefordailywear.

  • FashionAppearance:Ourhairbandhasasimpledesign,awiderangeofuses,andisbeautifulandelegant.Theclassicblackisverysuitableformatchingyourclothes.Itissuitableforbothmenandwomen.

  • Application:Thesoftheadbandisfashionableandsuitableforyourlife.Theycanbeusedformakeup,facewashing,facialmasks,sports,readingandwriting,dailywear,parties,travel,etc.

  • Specifications:
    Material: plastic
    Colour: Black
    Headband thickness: 0.8 cm/0.31 inch

    1.The flat hair band and narrow DIY hair band are beautiful and practical, which can be seen everywhere in daily life. It is suitable for washing face, applying mask, reading, writing, etc. It can also be used as an ideal accessory for fashion matching.
    2.The compact design of the hair band with multiple teeth can hold the hair tightly to prevent slippage. The tooth head is round, which will not harm the scalp or cause pain; the smoothness will not scratch your ears.
    3.The headband is suitable for people of most ages. You can give it as a gift to your friends or family. It is a very practical gift and they will be satisfied with it.

    Package Includes:
    4 x plastic ordinary headband

    4 pcs Plastic Headband Black Headbands Thin Teeth Skinny Hairbands Soft Non Slip Outdoor Sports Hair Bands for Mens Women's Girls 8mm Wide